100 Catchy Slime Business Names: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing an Eye-Catching One

100 Catchy Slime Business Names: A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing an Eye-Catching One

May 3, 2023


The slime business industry has grown immensely popular over recent years, and many entrepreneurs are capitalizing on its increasing popularity by capitalizing on colorful, stretchy and satisfying slimes. Selecting an eye-catching name for your slime business is essential - not only will this set it apart in its industry; but it can create lasting first impressions among prospective customers too! Our comprehensive guide features one hundred of the best slime business names as well as helpful naming techniques that may lead you down this road of entrepreneurship!

Key Considerations when Naming Your Slime Business

  1. Know Your Target Audience: Understanding who your customers are is key when selecting a name; this allows you to connect on an emotional level with customers in your target demographic. Consider their age, interests and preferences before creating something memorable that catches their interest.
  2. Selecting a Name Aligning With Your Brand: It is crucial that the business name accurately represent and convey the essence of your brand and set you apart from competitors. Take note of any particular tones, styles or traits you wish to convey when choosing your business name and make sure it ties back in with these.
  3. Check Domain and Social Media Handles Before Finalizing Name: To save time and effort when creating an online presence, ensure your brand remains consistent across platforms by checking beforehand.
  4. Avoid Names That Resemble Competitors: To distinguish yourself in a competitive slime market, avoid choosing names too similar to existing slime businesses - this will prevent confusion from potential customers and ensure your brand stands out as its own unique entity.

Top 100 Slime Business Names

  1. Slimy Sensations
  2. The Slime Lab
  3. Squeezy Slimes
  4. Slimy Nights
  5. The Slime Connection
  6. Soft & Squishy
  7. Slime Obsession
  8. Gooey Goodness
  9. The Slime Shop
  10. Squishy Central
  11. Slime Craze
  12. The Slime Zone
  13. Glittery Goo
  14. Sticky & Stretchy
  15. The Slime Master
  16. Soothing Slimes
  17. Creepy & Crusty
  18. Glowing Green
  19. Slime Revolution
  20. The Slime Company
  21. Slimy Creations
  22. Slippery Smooth
  23. The Slime Factory
  24. Sprinkle Slimes
  25. The Slime Scene
  26. Slimy Sweeties
  27. Slime Society
  28. The Slime Emporium
  29. Super Squishy
  30. The Slime Wizard
  31. Silly and Slimey
  32. The Slime Hub
  33. Gooey Delights
  34. The Slime Shack
  35. Slippery Slimes
  36. The Slime Store
  37. Sparkling Slimes
  38. The Slime Depot
  39. Goopy and Gooey
  40. The Slime Palace
  41. Mysterious Muck
  42. The Slime Station
  43. Slimy Solace
  44. Secret Slimes
  45. The Slime Vault
  46. Glowing Gunk
  47. The Slime Network
  48. Sticky Situation
  49. The Slime Bar
  50. Floppy and Fun
  51. The Slime Merchant
  52. Cosmic Slimes
  53. The Slime Nook
  54. Soft and Stretchy
  55. The Slime Gallery
  56. Wild and Wacky
  57. Slimy Surprise
  58. The Slime Cave
  59. Squishy and Satisfying
  60. The Slime Squad
  61. Funky and Flexible
  62. The Slime Corner
  63. Glitter and Goo
  64. The Slime Kingdom
  65. Smooth and Satisfying
  66. The Slime House
  67. Slippery Sluggish
  68. Wobbly and Wonderful
  69. The Slime Corner
  70. Bouncy and Bright
  71. The Slime Arena
  72. Cool and Colorful
  73. The Slime Guild
  74. Silly and Slick
  75. The Slime Mansion
  76. Shimmering Slimes
  77. The Slime Playground
  78. Wiggly and Weird
  79. The Slime Citadel
  80. Squishy and Snuggly
  81. The Slime Palace
  82. Glittery Glop
  83. The Slime Fort
  84. Sticky and Sweet
  85. The Slime Haven
  86. Crazy and Crunchy
  87. The Slime Garden
  88. Soft and Squishy
  89. The Slime Temple
  90. Glowing Gel
  91. The Slime Tower
  92. Sausage and Slime
  93. The Slime Dome
  94. Fluffy and Fuzzy
  95. The Slime Observatory
  96. The Great Slime Race
  97. The Slime Estate
  98. Shiny and Slimy
  99. The Slime Symphony
  100. Big and Bold Slimes.

Naming Your Slime Business

1. Use Additional Tips and Tricks for Creating a Memorable Name: Get creative with wordplay, alliteration, and puns. Mix and match words that relate to slimes, colors, textures, and themes to generate a distinctive and memorable name for your business.

2. Test Your Name with Your Target Audience: Once you've narrowed down your list of potential names, reach out to your target audience and gather their feedback. This will help you ensure that your chosen name resonates with the customers you want to attract.

3. Check Trademark Availability and Domain Names: Before finalizing your name, check the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database for potential conflicts with registered trademarks. Ensure that the corresponding domain name is available to streamline your online presence.


Choosing the right slime business name is crucial to forming a successful venture. A firm business name sets you apart from competitors, captures the essence of your brand, and connects with your target audience. As you move forward with your slime business journey, take some time to explore our list of the top 100 slime business names and consider the factors discussed in this guide when selecting the perfect name for your venture. Before finalizing your business name, consider using Name Whiz, a free AI-powered tool that generates creative business names for any niche and checks the availability of popular domains.

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